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Execution is everything!

We will guide you through a time-tested implementation process that ensures your objectives are achieved.



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Employer, agent or broker submits initial project information and schedules a strategy call with BenefitSimply.


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BenefitSimply formulates a strategy from discovery and analysis. The solution is presented to the client for feedback and approval.



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This phase involves the development of the turn-key solution to meet the employer and agent or broker objectives.



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Your solution is submitted for approval by carriers, vendors, agent or broker and human resources or benefits committee.



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The finished product is presented to leadership in this phase to ensure support throughout the organization. Then enrollment begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter which insurance carrier I use?

While we have preferred carriers that will cover our costs, we are agnostic so the choice is yours.

Do all employees need to attend enrollment meetings?

Yes. It is important that all employees are made aware of your benefit offerings. Also individual meetings allow for more in-depth conversations around benefit utilization and technology overview.

Can I continue working with my broker?

Yes. We work directly with insurance brokers and their clients to ensure all benefits are designed to work well together. 

What if we already have enrollment technology?

Our solution can overlay your existing HRIS, payroll or enrollment system.

Why is everyone required to make a benefit election?

Even though many employees are not interested in the insurace products, you need an accept or decline decision on record for each employee.  This also helps insurance carriers avoid anti-selection, where only sick or at risk employees purchase insurance. 

What if I have additional benefits for employees?

Many employers offer wellness programs, EAP, onsite clinics, decision support tools, retirement programs, college tuition plans, and other fringe benefits. These can all be built into our front-end system to help build awareness and increase utilization.


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